Historic Rego

Under the NSW RMS scheme for historic vehicles, approval for a Conditional Registration Permit under the Historic Vehicle Scheme or Classic Vehicle Scheme may be approved for a Saab Car Club of Australia (NSW) member's vehicle. Please see the SCCA (NSW) Rules for Conditional Registration Permits (link and forms below).

Please note: NSW RMS have changed the rules again - Contact Stephen Emanuel to confirm current rules. THe SCCA Club rules will be updated shortly.

Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS)

The Club has the ability to offer Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) registration based on similar conditions to HCRS (6 month membership requirement, attendance at 3 or more events in the prior 12 months, vehicle over 30 years etc.).

Applications must be in compliance with all RMS regulations and approved by both the Club and The Council of Motor Clubs before submission to RMS. All members applying for CVS registration will require approval from the Club HCRS/CVS Scrutineer concerning legitimacy and requirements for engineering before applications will be stamped by the Club.

Historic Contacts

Stephen Emanuel – HCRS Registrar and Scrutineer – Please call (02) 9627 6834 (8am-5pm Mon-Fri) or email via our contact form.


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