2017 Shannon’s Classic

We participated in the Shannon's Classic on Sunday the 13th of August and all the clubs in attendance bathed in glorious sunshine. This is the largest display of classic cars in one place in the Southern Hemisphere, approx. 1900 cars & 150 plus Car clubs. We displayed 20 of our members sparkling & shiny cars and our club marquee. And yes of course I polished the shock absorbers. It was great to see most of our members wearing their club shirts & caps, looking as good as their cars.

We had just about 1 of each model sold in Australia by Saab. There were not many clubs that displayed 20 cars. We had a fantastic position in the middle of area B thanks to the efficiency of Bruce Hodgins. This area had lots of people passing our display with comments made like "I had no idea the Saab Car Club was so big" and "I didn't know Saab had made so many models". It was great to talk to people that asked questions about the cars and about our club. We had someone come up and say they remembered going to school on the back seat of a of a Saab 900 it was a great family car. We had the customary lap of the track led by Warren Cole in the 96 with commentary given about the cars on the P.A. I would like to thank the members that had cars in our display for a great show.

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2017 Shannon’s Classic
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