Privacy Policy

1 General

The Saab Car Club of Australia (NSW) Inc. respects the rights of members to determine to whom they give their personal information. The information collected is what you submitted with your membership form and is kept up to date subject to your financial status as a member of the Saab Car Club of Australia (NSW) Inc.

We use this information to supply members with club magazines, electronic newsletters and promotional material by the Saab Car Club of Australia (NSW) Inc.

We do not sell your information to any other organisation. We will disclose to you only, your personal membership details as recorded.

Subject to your approval, we share information about you with other affiliated Saab Car Clubs in Australia. We do this only to enable you to receive promotional and other club's material. If you request this not to be done then we will not send any of your details to other affiliated Saab Car Clubs in Australia.

We make sure that the Saab Car Club Australia (NSW) Inc. complies with the Privacy Act.

Copies of this Privacy Policy are available on request.

2 Members Details Recorded

Membership Number; Name & partner's name; Address; Club Branch; Work and home telephone numbers; Fax number Mobile telephone number; Email address; Car details; Events/activities you are interested in; Financial status of membership & expiry date of membership; Other information requested to better serve members

Please note that if you did not provide these details on your membership application or renewal form then they are not actively recorded.

We will endeavour to keep your information secure. Only properly authorised people are permitted to see and use this information (e.g. the Saab Car Club of Australia (NSW) Inc. executive which is the president, secretary, and treasure). At the Saab Car Club of Australia (NSW) Inc. executive's discretion, committee members may be permitted access to your information for maintaniance of the membership database or for notification of Club events.

If you are concerned about any of the procedures relating to our Privacy Policy please contact us.

3 Electronic Correspondence (Email)

Electronic communication is a way of communicating rapidly, efficiently and economically to a large number of members about up coming club events, promotions, advertisements, procedures and club news.

The Saab Car Club of Australia (NSW) Inc. like any organisation will scan official Saab Car Club information for viruses before it is sent to club members, this information will only be distributed through your current service provider and web site domain provider (Official Website: However to date, no virus protection system has proven to be 100% reliable and the Saab Car Club of Australia (NSW) Inc. disclaims any responsibility or liability for any loss of information or time resulting from a virus attack by ourselves, members or associated links. In enabling free exchange of information by using the world wide web, members also expose themselves to the liabilities and problems associated with this media. The Saab Car Club of Australia (NSW) Inc. assures its members that it will take all practical measures to avoid these problems.

To ensure the safety of your own personal communications it is wise to have a current virus checker on your personal computer.

Only club endorsed or approved emails will come from the email address.

Person-to person emails between members are not endorsed by the Club. Opinions, conclusions and other information in such messages that do not relate to official business of the Saab Car Club of Australia shall be understood as being neither given by nor endorsed by the Club.

Please note that as a member of the Saab Car Club of Australia (NSW) Inc., if you or your employer do not consent to have your or your employer's email address or details distributed with official club information then you must inform us or by mail to the national postal address.

4 Direct Marketing

From time to time the Saab Car Club of Australia will send you information regarding Club activities and promotions by mail or email. If you wish not to be contacted by such methods please advise us here or by mail to the national postal address.

5 Advertising

Advertisements for cars, products and services by members or sponsors will not be sent to members by e-mail. Such advertising will only be promoted through the Club magazine or Website.

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