Shannon’s Sydney Classic 2018

Sunday 12 August was our Club’s third opportunity to attend the annual Council of Motor Clubs, Shannon’s Sydney Classic – arguably the largest and most interesting cars display in the Southern Hemisphere.
In fine style the Saab Car Club of NSW created plenty of impact on arrival, all rolling into Sydney Motorsport Park (aka Eastern Creek) at once and again presenting one of the largest club displays. We may also need to take responsibility for creating a bit of a “log jam” or maybe “spectacle” whilst we carefully reversed 19 immaculate looking Saabs into a very tight spot. Most were left quickly reaching for warm jackets on what was turning out to be a cold and windy day, particularly those that arrived in convertibles with roofs down. For those without enough cold weather gear (no names mentioned) it was off to the merchandise shop for new jackets!
Once settled into our area there were plenty of stories shared and as usual some new additions to the Club fleet were on show. A constant we hear from those that stop to see our cars is something like – wow, we did not know your Club had such great presence and variety of models. We can be real proud of the display we put on each year!
There was a somewhat early appearance of “bubbles” from the boots of one or two cars and the only excuse to be heard was that the coffee queues were too long and it was only for the purpose of warning up. There was however no “tea” in sight!
We had an earlier run on the track this year and we nearly missed it. Well some did – too much bonnets up talk or gone to chat with other clubs. Once on the track (and this year it was the full track), we were pleased to find the pace car was many turns ahead and we could go as quick as we liked. Well almost, except for Marg now being the pace car!
This year marked the 40th anniversary of the 99 Turbo and thankfully we managed to have the excellent example owned by Warren on display.
For most of us it was a great opportunity to also have a wander around the Park and see so many other great cars and displays. There is hardly a brand you could think of that is not represented at The Shannon’s Classic. The concourse display allowed some of us to dream about what it might take to get a Saab into that row however were quickly reminded how much time (and money) may be required to enter such a competition.
A great day as usual (apart from the cold) and fantastic organisation by the CMC who put on the day. See you next year.and we’ll try to get a more open parking area!
Thanks to Bruce Hodgins for arranging our participation again this year!

The Shannon’s Sydney Classic on Sunday 12 August was our Club’s third opportunity to attend the annual Council of Motor…

Posted by Saab Car Club NSW on Tuesday, 9 October 2018