Shannons Sydney Classic 2016

We had the pleasure of participating in the Shannons Sydney Classic on Sunday 14 August at Eastern Creek (Sydney Motorsport Park). This as an occasion is of historic value to our club as this was the very first time that a formal entry from the local Saab Car Club has been at this event that is synonymous of the who’s who in Car Club organizations. The efforts and dedication lead by Bruce Hodgins in fulfilling all the steps to get us to this event has been invaluable to the club and we are delighted by his commitment in seeing these through.

It was a gorgeous Winters day and the first event for the Club since our recent admission to the Council of Motor Clubs (CMC), the organizer of “The Classic”. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate the strength of our new club alongside others that had been established for decades. 15 immaculate Saabs presented for 7 a.m. at the Marchant factory in Wetherill Park and promptly headed off for Eastern Creek. Now that was the earliest start we’ve seen in many years and lovely cool weather for turbos!
We had the opportunity to do a “very calm” couple of laps round the track for a bit of fun and for those with no roof going down the main straight we heard a full commentary on our 15 cars, recognising the brand in a way not seen for a while with particular reference to being the 30 year anniversary of the Saab convertible.

Our lead vehicle on the track was the oldest on the day – Brendan’s 99GL, perfectly decked out with a “period correct” family outing look to it – factory roof racks, the family esky on top and a couple of old deck chairs…all just for show of course. Our newest vehicle was the 93x wagon of Chris Marchant, however some debate ensued on whether his grand-fathers last 95 was indeed newer.

In between Brendan and Chris we had a great collection including a 99 turbo, 900 Carlsson, Rogers extremely rare Enduro, a couple of classic 900 convertibles, two very sharp looking 9000’s, Craig Marchants 900s Talledaga (still cannot believe he polished the shocks and springs the night before), followed by a couple of very smart 95’s (one looking resplendent with the “Edna Everage” front lights) and of course, a Turbo X.
The day also presented an opportunity to view the biggest car show most of us have ever seen, with over 1,900 vehicles joining the Classic. Way too many to list!

For our first outing with the CMC it was fantastic and a great way to get to a new audience for both our club and the brand and to have a few encouraging new membership enquiries. We also recognize that having a few more spots for the day would have been helpful to allow more members to attend and look forward to seeking 20 spots next year. Thanks also to those members that were able to drop in and see our display.

Special thanks once again to Bruce Hodgins for leading our CMC membership application and organizing the day. It’s also important to recognize the efforts of Steve Emanuel and Chris Marchant to get the fantastic line up of cars organized for the day.