Paradise named Pearl Beach

We met at the old toll gates near Berowra where we all gathered our Saabs in the usual display arrangement. And as expected when we start the new year there were new additions and improvements that clearly stood up like:

· Craig Allen’s enhancements to his new 9-3 Aero XWD with the finest of touches from Hirsch on the outside and inside of this superb car, the photos speak by themselves
· Warren Cole’s 900 Convertible was an impressive looking example of this vintage Car that clearly rivals the yellow pair of John and Terry as well as Bruce’s own maroon
· Steve Emmanuel added another 9-3 2011 that also looked in pristine condition
· We did miss on this occasion a few of the strong regulars however and as per usual the rest of all the other Saabs looked also amazing !!!

This was a great outing and a fantastic day to catch up after more than 2 months without seeing many of the club members that enjoy attending our events. And we had also the great surprise to see Wayne Gerlach again who has not been visible for some time since we had the “Roads from Heaven” weekend away to Orange last year. We are very thankful to Richard Farago and his wife Ingrid for organizing this outing that proved to be a success in every respect and so much so that a driver of a 900 NG Convertible joined us parking this car next to ours. We ended up conversing with the owner who was very keen in joining our club, a great way to close this great outing.

DSCN2922DSCN2934WP_20160207_006 (1)DSCN2920