Older Drivers also Go Karting !!!

What started as a difficult event to get off the ground ended up being one with a huge intake and response that nearly got us over the limit of the number of Go Karts available for the day !!!

This proves again that timing more often than not is a main element to success as the committee decided to shift the day from a Sunday to Saturday and the rest is history. We had a clear day with deep blue skies and not a cloud in the sky which made the occasion much more pleasant and got the excitement even higher as we all prepared ourselves through the induction session to participate in our Mini Grand Prix. Safety is an important aspect which the Luddenham Raceway keeps very high as they have very strong guidelines that everyone needs to adhere to.

From the initial warm up lap you could see and feel who was going to romp in and head off to break records let alone finish first. There were two heats and a final one with the drivers leading the times heading off first to allow them to enjoy a clear track first off. During the earlier heats we saw immediately the Coombes boys quickly gaining positions and muscling their way throughout the field with Ben in particular displaying high and clean skills across the whole circuit. Not too far in all departments Brendan was also showing strong skills and very tidy manoeuvres when passing slower drivers whilst other drivers like Tony and his friend were simply pushing as hard as possible to get through “no matter what” to gain new places.

The sessions saw an improvement in times by most drivers and we have everyone advancing further and further as confidence and familiarity with the track increased. By the time the final heat started it was clear that Ben positioned himself to be in a commanding place as he raced off seamlessly and by then looked as it was with little effort. What was surprising was the raise of other drivers that in the earlier stages were not shining that much which were obviously calculating their moves leaving the best for the end !!!

On the final laps we saw Ben emerging as the winner with his brother Luke being in second place and Steve finishing in 3rd place which was quite an achievement being in between these younger drivers but also getting the final podium otherwise the Coombes boys would have taken all places as Josh finished 4th !!! Well done to all and this was a great drive…

Despite the fact that Go Karts are regarded and seen only for the youngsters we have 20 participants from all ages and the enjoyment and fun was really worth every dollar. We proceeded afterwards to the local Golf Club in Luddenham to have lunch which turned out to be very good value for money !!!