SAAB Mudgee Weekend

A small band of SAAB Soaks (10 to be exact) left McGraths Hill at 8am on Saturday morning. Destination? Mudgee wineries!
It was a beautiful Autumn day which led to an exhilarating drive up the Bells Line Of Road, picking up Chris and Alwyn at Kurrajong along the way. A little further on, at the Miner’s Lantern at Lithgow, we were joined by Shani and Bruce which completed our band of 14.
After a great drive we arrived at Mudgee at 11.15 and checked into The Parklands Resort. We then proceeded to have a quick, but enjoyable, lunch before hopping on our bus for our afternoon of wine tasting.
First stop, Blue Wren Wines, was a great place to start wetting the palate, and Di particularly enjoyed the chillies in the garden! She was seen drinking a very large glass of water, not wine!
Next, onto Robert Stein Wines which was up a dirt road and some were extremely happy that we had not taken our precious babies there. The motorbike museum there was also of great interest to the males of our group.
Third stop was Farmers Daughters Wines. The farmer was our host and there were a lot of boxes seen leaving his premises. Shani and Faye were champing at the bit to also visit an olive grove. As we had been particularly quick at parting with our hard earned money at the wineries our bus driver, Biv, volunteered to grant Shani’s and Faye’s wish and we proceeded to The Olive Nest.
After a few swigs of olive oil we also quickly discovered that this little nest also had wine. What a relief for some! Armed with olives, olive oil and, of course, more cases of wine we rejoined the bus, which was now a lot lower due to the weight of all the cases of wine. One member was even seen putting a seat belt on his case of wine to keep it nice and safe. He didn’t however, check that his wife had her seat belt on!
We were deposited back at the Parklands Resort and some staggered off to cheese tasting while others relaxed before dinner.
We enjoyed our dinner in a private room at the resort and had a great noggin and natter afterwards around the fireplace.
The next morning, after a hearty breakfast, we drove to Robert Oatley Winery where we had a private tour of the Winery bottling hall. Dave, our guide was most informative and we now realise what goes into bottling all the wine we carted home in the boot of our cars. Bruce is keeping an eye out at his local bottle shop for the cap he marked.
After the tour we were again on to more wine tasting at Robert Oatley Wines and the most magnificent cheese platter. At this stage, some members were no longer able to fit more wine in their car boots and had to sign up for home delivery, while some needed the help of a hand truck to get their wine to the car.
Lolly bags were distributed and we departed about lunchtime for another great drive back to Sydney.
A good time was had by all!