Lunch at Swansea RSL

Firstly, thank you to the Saab Car Club NSW for giving me an opportunity in organising the February event.

Considering the miserable wet weather there was a great turn up of cars and members that all gathered at the Old Toll Plaza at Cowan, I believe there were 12 or more cars?

I had packed a portable table, tea, coffee and bickkies for everyone, but it was so wet I could even set it up!

While most of the blokes got out to talk “turbos and boost pressures’, some of the lovely ladies were cosy in their Saab’s reading newspapers and surfing on their phones. In order to escape the rain, the smarter sex as usual!

I actually brought my wife’s NISSAN as my Saab is in for repair due to a broken gearbox, so I thought it was only fair I come along anyway to support the club, but the embarrassment of driving the Nissan faded away as it actually helped jump start Bernt’s 9-3 cabriolet who decided to leave his lights on killing his battery. The funny thing was, not one Saab member had a pair of jumper leads, not even Craig (Craig and Dee) who carries everything from globes to fan belts in boot!, and of course the Saab “wizard” Mr Steve Emmanuel was not there either who I’m sure would have had a spare gearbox if we needed!

Luckily a pair of Swedish girls in a hired campervan came to the rescue and kindly lent us a pair of jumper leads!

So after finally getting to Swansea RSL, it was great to meet even more members that had come from the other side of Sydney for lunch.

Fortunately the clouds disappeared and left us with a beautiful sunny day, Niki and I really had a great time and I trust everybody else did as well

Looking forward to the next event…

PS. Also a warm welcome to some new members that came along, which was great to see

Happy Saabing!

Cheers. Ravin