Gosford Classic Car Museum

It was a rather nippy morning with a crisp blue sky without any clouds serving as a reminder that Winter is right here for the next 2-3 months. Luckily we decided to meet up at 10 am instead of the usual 8 clock starts which would have been even harder but by the time we were all ready it was all go, go, go heading up the M1 Freeway to the newly open Gosford Classic Car Museum. We had some good stretches where we could test the cars and their turbo power and could see the amazing 900 Aero from Peter Arena performing impressively. Heading to Gosford is an easy and well known drive to most of us but the scenery today under these conditions made this somehow special.

By the time we got to the museum we were all more interested in looking at all our Saabs parked at the front of the building and exchange experiences as well as looking at each of our cars for a good hour before we got in to the museum. This place is simply amazing with some of the most exotic and unique cars forming a collection never seen in the country. But despite all these incredible vehicles we were all still admiring our own Saabs more than the rest !!!

This was one of the greatest and best attended outings in a very long time with new members coming as far back like the southern highlands which is not around the corner from the Central Coast. Brendan was the organizer of this event and the one that found out about this new Museum that no doubt has put its mark as one of the five best car collections in the world !!! But having mentioned this we were all rather surprised that there was not a single Saab in this collection which no doubt some will be working to change this in the not too distant future.

Gosford CCM 1

Gosford CCM 2

Gosford CCM 3