Drive in Night

What started off as a very hot summers day, turned into a very pleasant evening at the Blacktown Drive Inn for our time warp back to the good old days when there were more panel vans than cars supposed to be watching a movie ! The only remaining drive inn in Sydney, but still very well patronised.

We all met outside the gates at 7.00pm. 7 Saabs except for Rav & Niki who arrived very early at 6.00. Obviously looking for the best car spot as you can see from the photo, or just a huge Vin Diesel fan?. We all welcomed our newest members Tim and Susan Parry with their very nice 9-3 CV. A great choice of car for outdoor movie watching.

After parking our cars on the back row of course ! Craig and Leslie reversed their “900s Sandman” opened up the hatch to reveal a mattress and pillows along with a led flashing wine cooler ready for a big night. We all headed off to the Diner for burgers and hotdogs and catch up from our holidays. Back to the cars for the movie XXX and a few drinks. Full of non stop action. Most of us hung around after the movie chatting until we were asked to leave.

A fun night had by all !!