Drive and BBQ

We had some incredible conditions at the BBQ that Faye and Terry Coombes organized for the club which clearly could not have been set on a better day than yesterday and by looking at the way things turned out today, we had a magnificent time !!!

This is the second year that the Coombes’ host our club but last year the storms rained in which obviously made things and the whole atmosphere not as enjoyable as the ones we had. A few new members that recently joined our club attended as well as some other new members that came in our February outing. It is great to see new faces and new cars as well as the mixture of our Saabs keeps getting bigger and bigger !!! You will see this in the pictures attached.

Everyone brought a dish to share being salads or desserts which gave a lot of variety to the occasion. Craig and Chris Marchant organized a delicious Meat cooked on a Spit Fire that was the main attraction for this BBQ. We really want to thank Faye and Terry for being such wonderful hosts with the help from their son Josh as well as Craig and Chris for taking care and organizing the Spit set up, I heard that this process started since around 9 am so this was a long day for them also.