Dangar Island

On Sunday 12th November 2017 we had a change of venue to our advertised club run and included a ferry ride on the agenda. Dangar Island Bowlo was the place to be that day and what a terrific outing it turned out to be!

We had 36 enthusiastic Saab lovers who drove to Brooklyn and congregated at the ferry terminal to wait for “The Sun” ferry which had been doing that route for 40 years. As it was only licensed to carry 45 passengers we arrived early to ensure a seat on board. There must have been another 50 or so that didn’t make it. Fantastic weather made the short ride to Danger Island via Little Wobby an absolute treat on the beautiful Hawkesbury River. Dangar Island is a little piece of subtropical paradise and the bowling club couldn’t have made us more welcome. We sat on a big verandah overlooking the central park with its well used and worn bowling green and kids play equipment which our younger members enjoyed.

We had pre-ordered our lunch so Marco the chef had it pretty much under control and our food was delicious. Good company, fine wine ,beer and food made for a very pleasant Sunday lunch. Afterwards some of us wandered down to the ‘beach’ and the kids had fun splashing in the river and playing in the sand. Some of the big kids did also. Then it was a walk back to catch the ferry but not before calling into the cafe at the wharf for ice creams. Another ferry ride back to Brooklyn, saying goodbye to our friends and back in our Saabs for the drive home.

Another fantastic outing for our Saab Car Club.